Why Photography?

It was during a trip to Ireland a few years ago that I realized I was meant to be a photographer, whether that meant as a hobbyist or a professional I wasn't sure. What mattered then -- and still matters now -- is that something comes alive in me when I have a camera in my hand.

In 2011, my brother and I spent nine days traveling around Ireland on a bus with people we had never met before. On one particular day, driving to tour the Cliffs of Moher, we passed the ruins of an old stone house in the middle of a field. In a landscape filled with so much history, this would seem like an everyday occurrence; however, this one was special.  The roof had caved in, but the stone walls still survived. A tree had grown into the side wall, so uniquely intertwined between the stones that it looked as if it had been delicately painted. From the branches and leaves down the trunk and to the roots, every part of the tree's life seemed intricately woven into the ancient house.

The poetry of the image paralyzed me as our bus passed and I watched it fade from view. My camera had been sitting in my lap the entire time, but I was too mesmerized in that moment to remember it. I was so distressed about not getting a photo of that seemingly once-in-a-lifetime chance that I asked our bus driver to turn around.  But we had a schedule, and he could not turn back on the narrow, winding road. Hopefully one day I'll go back to find that tree still standing, holding up the walls of that ancient structure, with roots that run deeper than ever. This time I'll have my camera ready.

In an instant moments happen and then they are gone forever. They vanish. The magical thing about photography is that it gives people the opportunity to capture those brief moments they want to remember...
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